De Lorenzo’s SANDSTORM – my fave hair “finishing” product!

Achieve great volume and texture using De Lorenzo’s SANDSTORM hair product: De Lorenzo’s SANDSTORM is like a dry shampoo without the powder! I love to use it on blow dried hair to achieve texture and volume without any heaviness, shine, waxy film or stickiness. I use it a couple of ways: I spray it onto………[read more]

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Sally & Charles’ Wedding in Mudgee NSW

Having their Wedding in Mudgee was pure Magic for Sally & Charles: Gorgeous Sally is a colleague of mine from Channel 7’s The Morning Show. She recently got married to Charles in the wine district of Mudgee, NSW, where she grew up. Sally always dreamed of having her Wedding in Mudgee. So returning to her………[read more]

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La Spina “always you” shoot

Working with the La Spina family was a dream: It was great to work with Rosario La Spina again.  I had done his hair and makeup for an earlier solo CD self titled “Rosario”. This time I got to work with his legendary sister Anna-Maria La Spina as well!. Anna-Maria toured as a singer for………[read more]

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Cover shoot for Sara Macliver’s “Seraphim”

Sara Macliver has an amazing voice and a mass of Hair!!! After a chat with her I came to learn that her hair is a bit of a trade mark – so I opted to go with hair out for the cover shoot and to really make it a feature. The dress that most inspired………[read more]

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My journey with Yvonne Kenny

Yvonne Kenny is both incredibly talented and a gorgeous woman to work with: The first time I met Yvonne was when I was booked to do her makeup and hair ( as well as Julie Anthony) for her performance, in front of the Queen, for the opening of the (back then) ” new ” Parliament………[read more]

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Emma Hamilton - makeup by Garry Siutz

Emma Hamilton’s “La Musique” shoot

No one reminds me more of France and its music then Emma: This is the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) that was shot for the release of Emma’s album “La Musique”, of which I did the makeup and Hair for the cover shoot of her album. Take a look……… Emmas’ brief to me was to keep………[read more]

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