Sally & Charles’ Wedding in Mudgee NSW

Having their Wedding in Mudgee was pure Magic for Sally & Charles:

Gorgeous Sally is a colleague of mine from Channel 7’s The Morning Show. She recently got married to Charles in the wine district of Mudgee, NSW, where she grew up. Sally always dreamed of having her Wedding in Mudgee. So returning to her home town and old stomping ground was a dream come true!

I had the priviledge of being asked to do her wedding makeup and hair as well as being part of the celebrations.


The Venue:

The wedding ceremony took place in St Marys Church Mudgee with the ornate interiors of the church replaced with the majestic vista of mountains and sprawling rows of grapevines at THE VINEGROVE MUDGEE, for the reception.

Seriously, I cannot recommend this venue more highly if you’re thinking of having your Wedding in Mudgee. It has all the makings of a perfect venue. Think space, scenery, open fires, gorgeous indoor areas, sprawling outdoors and a large house that can be included as accommodation to stay overnight. With plenty of room to for you & your Bridal party to have makeup and hair done before the ceremony. While it also provides somewhere to retreat if you need a moment away from the celebrations!


Natural Makeup for Sally

Sally opted for a relaxed look with makeup and hair to coincide with the country rural setting. Consequently we decided that hair would be out, down and with movement. It was important to Sally to have a couple of sections pinned back in order to keep Sal’s petite face from being overpowered by too much hair. Sally has lots! It’s also a good option when spending a lot of time outside, because light breezes can annoyingly blow hair onto your face.

I first blow dried Sally’s hair smooth, then alternated sections with a large barrel curler and GHD. Pinning each section up to cool as I went then letting the sections down and styling just before she got dressed.

Based on Sally’s makeup brief, I kept Sally’s wedding makeup simple and pretty. Sally wanted her eyes to look natural but still with enough eye makeup to give them emphasis. So consequently I chose a combination of highlight and shaded eye shadows. Creating intensity across the lash line with blended liners and fake lashes.

Cheeks were warm and dewy.


A Perfect day:

Both the wedding makeup and hair lasted a very long day and most importantly, well into the night! The weather on the day was perfect. The heavenly sunset with its subtle pink and orange light was the icing on the cake. 

Larry Emdur, co-host of The Morning Show and good friend, kept us smiling as MC.

This wedding in Mudgee was as close to perfect as it gets!


Garry X

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  1. Her hair looks perfect, well done. Mudgee is a beautiful backdrop to be married in!

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