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Check out my TV channel  “mygarryTV” and come with me as I work on various shoots and events.

Halloween makeup inspo visual tutorial…….

Come behind the scenes with me as I do Samantha Armytage & Nat Barr’s hair & makeup, on our journey to 5 countries in 5 days with Sunrise……..

Come behind the scenes with me on a Better Homes and Gardens Shoot in Lightning Ridge NSW with Johanna Griggs and the crew


Working with Alex and the team from Nischler Salon, Hobart is always fun. Alex is an amazing hairdresser.

Creating the makeup to compliment one of Alexandra Kontos’ hair creations.

I’ve been doing Kylie Gillies’ makeup & hair for a few years now. With this video, I ramped up the speed for Kylie’s transition from “fresh faced” to “camera ready”. This normally takes around 1 hour to complete starting with wet hair!

This is a video of a shoot I did with the talented Alexandra Kontos for Matt Nischler hair Salon (Hobart – Tasmania)
for mygarryTV

Makeup: Garry Siutz
Hair: Alexandra Kontos
Photographer: Andrew O’toole
Stylist: Emma Cotterill


Network 7’s The Morning Show celebrates its 5th birthday in Hollywood California I went over to look after Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur,s makeup and hair…..this is part 1 of the trip for mygarryTV

The Behind the scenes ride continues with Kylie Gillies, E.P. Sarah Stinson and her crew….

Kylie and Larry visit Venice Beach to shoot a package for The Morning Show. They both get ” oxygenated”. Kylie celebrity spots “Pink” back at the hotel and I just happen to have my camera on! mygarryTV

Our first ” on air” day in Hollywood. Come with me “behind the scenes” as Larry and Kylie arrive on set ( having had their makeup & hair done in my hotel room), right in front of the Universal Studios Theme Park entrance. A little area was set aside for me to do guests for the show – including Sophie Monk, Rebel Wilson. Five minutes before the show, the wind picked up so I had to put Kylie’s hair in a pony with seconds to go! See Glenn Wheelers’ Frankenstein face painting.

This video begins with us shooting a story for The Morning Show with Kylie Gillies and celebrity stylist Sofia Banks-Coloma on Roberts in L.A Finishing up at Universal Studios on set for The Morning Show live.

I shot this video, behind the scenes, while doing the makeup on Anna-Maria and Rosario LaSpina, for their CD entitled “always you”. Rosario LaSpina is a celebrated Tenor and Anna-Maria LaSpina is an outstanding vocalist in her own right. They are brother and sister, and together they have released an amazing CD.

Come behind the scenes as team hair & makeup for the Seven Network, travel to Melbourne and work their magic on Kylie Gillies, Larry Emdur, Melissa Doyle, Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr.
Team makeup & hair are me ( Garry Siutz ) , Sonya Downie, Georgina Hardie.

Johanna Griggs makeup time is at 0530 in my hotel room, then off to Dubbo Show to shoot a Better Homes & Gardens country special



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