My journey with Yvonne Kenny

Yvonne Kenny is both incredibly talented and a gorgeous woman to work with:

The first time I met Yvonne was when I was booked to do her makeup and hair ( as well as Julie Anthony) for her performance, in front of the Queen, for the opening of the (back then) ” new ” Parliament House in Canberra. Yvonne was great fun, and we particularly had a laugh over the fact that we were allocated the Queen’s bathroom in which to get ready – that is, the bathroom that the Queen was allocated to use, should she wish a pit stop!! How things have changed- that would never happen post September 11!

Years later Yvonne was back in Australia, and requested that I do her  makeup/ hair for a newspaper article. I remember doing her makeup and Hair at the Opera Centre in Sydney while someone rehearsed in the next studio from ours – this heavenly voice filtered through the walls, creating the perfect soundtrack for my work on Yvonne

I was contacted again to style Yvonne for the cover of her new CD “VIENNA City of my Dreams” . I googled some of her old CD covers and didn’t like what I saw – her makeup looked tired and lacked sparkle, and her hair, while true to the operatic “look” she was used to, was too rigid and “helmet- like”.

I wanted to change that!

I will never forget the shoot that day – we were in an amazing old mansion in Annandale, on the hottest, most humid day ever!!! Poor Yvonne was hot and sweaty (we all were!!) and I had to redo her hair several times throughout the day as the humidity got to it. I really worked at giving her hair some movement and texture, while sticking to her brief of it looking full and “operatic”.
I used the makeup to really bring out her eyes, using ” young” warm colours with lots of liner and mascara.

Over the last couple of years I have worked with Yvonne ( and David Hobson) on several occasions – doing the makeup & hair for their latest CD covers.

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