La Spina “always you” shoot

Working with the La Spina family was a dream:

It was great to work with Rosario La Spina again.  I had done his hair and makeup for an earlier solo CD self titled “Rosario”. This time I got to work with his legendary sister Anna-Maria La Spina as well!. Anna-Maria toured as a singer for Savage Garden and is also an amazing solo artist in her own right.

For this CD titled “always you”, both Rosario, one of Australia’s leading operatic tenors, and Anna-Maria, Pop diva extraordinaire, have come together in an epic way, to create a new musical genre. Orchestral Pop.

Backed by the 65-piece Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and a support band that toured with Savage Garden, the two sibling-singers have melded their respective pop and operatic flairs to create an epic sound.

So this epic CD needed an epic looking cover. For me, that meant epic hair and makeup!

The mood board for the CD cover had a very majestic and classic feel.  So with that in mind, I first started on Rosario’s makeup and hair look.  Being male, his look is of course very natural.  I contoured his face slightly and styled his hair back from his face rather like the mane of a lion!

For Anna-Maria I really wanted to run with the classic feel to her Makeup and Hair – something that wouldn’t date too soon. So I chose a very neutral makeup colour palette, with blacks, browns and  bronzes. I worked her eyelids and upper lashes with definition in the socket and gel liner along her upper lashes – adding a full set of long but natural looking fake lashes. I contoured her face, enhancing her high cheekbones and jawline for that classic, almost operatic sculpted look.

During the course of the shoot, I added a smokey, blended look to Anna-Maria’s eyes by adding shadow to the center of her lids and along her lower lash line.

Hair was barrel curled and then pinned to cool with a center part Once cooled, I let it out and teased a little for maximum volume – a wind machine was also used. During the shoot I played around with a side parting as well and allowed her hair to drop with her more casual outfits.

Both Anna-Maria and Rosario La Spina were great to work with as were the team at Debaser.

LaSpina “always you” Shoot from garry siutz on Vimeo


E.P Martin Buzacott (ABC) & Cyrus Meher-Homji (Universal)
Makeup and Hair Garry Siutz
Photography Rhydian Lewis

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