Henna tattoos for Bollywood party

Henna tattoos or “Mehndi designs”were the order of the day for this themed party:

I recently had the pleasure of working with Henna to create Mehndi designs or Henna tattoos all over a clients hands. She was going to a BOLLYWOOD party and wanted to look authentically Indian!!!

I hopped in the car and took myself to Wentworthville (in Sydney’s West). Wentworthville is the hub of the Indian community in Sydney. The shops there are great to buy Indian and Sri Lanken groceries, spices and sweets.  Great shopping for Indian costume jewellery too!

I bought a couple of “cones” of pre-made Henna, as well as some fresh Limes and cloves that are used to intensify the strength of the Henna tattoo and  make it last longer.

In the past I have made my own Henna mix, however it is easier to buy it already made. I can honestly recommend the pre-packaged Henna as it works a treat! It can be bought already packaged in the cone that is used for application. That means that it is ready to use, and eliminates the mess associated with preparing the Henna from scratch.

How to make the Henna tattoo last longer and be richer and deeper in colour?

This next step is essential to making your Henna Tattoo last longer and be deeper in colour. Simply  heat up some sugar, Lime juice and cloves in a small saucepan over gentle heat (the smell of this is amazing) to produce a sugar syrup. This syrup is sponged over the design to activate the Henna Tattoo, and to intensify the design.

Once the application of the Henna is complete, it will start to dry off on the skin. Keep gently sponging the sugar/lime syrup over the design to keep it moist. Avoid making it too wet. The syrup will work to activate the Henna, making it deeper in colour and hence last longer on the skin.

Lots of fun

Garry X

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