GARRY SiUTZ is your beauty guide. He is currently living and working as a hair & makeup artist in Sydney, Australia.

GARRY SiUTZ grew up in the "burbs" of Sydney & began styling with makeup more than 30 years ago. Over the years he has worked on many well known Australian personalities. These include Danii Minogue Russell Crowe,  Naomi Watts, SiaSophie MonkJackie OClaudia KarvanChris HemsworthCurtis StoneDJ Havana BrownBarry HumphreysAda NicodemouJohanna Griggs. Garry is currently working on the morning show with Kylie Gillies  and  Larry Emdur. He also works on Network 7's Sunrise  with Samantha Armytage & Natalie Barr. He traveled with the Sunrise team on the 5 Countries in 5 Days trip (2015).  He did both Makeup & Hair for Sam, Nat, Kochie, & Mark in Dubai, Cancun (Mexico), NBC studios in New York, Niagara Falls (Canada) & London. Garry had also worked internationally in London previously,  Hollywood LAMalaysia,   Bollywood  India  &  Qatar.

Other personalities include,  Nicollette Sheridan (Desperate Housewives),  Dave Stewart (Eurythmics),  Adam Rodriguez (CSI Miami) & Sia

GARRY has previously been key makeup artist on TV Series including ABC'S Police Rescue and Brides of Christ. He also worked on the Chaser's War on Everything. More recently he worked as an additional makeup artist on Band of Brothers (for Chiara Tripodi & Toni FFrench - who won an Emmy for the makeup!) also for Baz Luhrmun's Great Gatsby (for Leslie Vanderwalt 2013). Garry worked on several The Biggest Loser Finales.

Teaming up with Matt Nischler (Salon Nischler -  Tasmania)   Garry created makeup looks for award winning hairdresser's Alexandra Kontos & Larissa Bresnehan.

With years of makeup experience, Garry is available to create looks for your next project.

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