Emma Hamilton’s “La Musique” shoot

No one reminds me more of France and its music then Emma:

This is the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) that was shot for the release of Emma’s album “La Musique”, of which I did the makeup and Hair for the cover shoot of her album. Take a look………

Emmas’ brief to me was to keep makeup and hair contemporary, but to capture a classic French feel. The French are famous for all things “stylish” and of course for “love” – so I took the angle of going “soft and girlie” rather than going for a ” bold fashion look”. I started off the shoot by using a medium Barrel Curler on Emma’s hair for luxurious movement, then messed it and let it drop through the shoot. We shot exteriors around the Sydney Rocks area, so the wind that night acted as a “wind machine” for us – perfect!

I kept the makeup very fresh and dewy, with focus along the upper lashes for that classic, always stylish, almond eye shape. Emma’s eyes are great to make up, I was merely enhancing what was already there! I did add fake lashes along the outer corners of her lids.

I kept Lips soft and dewy looking.

The pics below are of Emma at the start of the shoot, and the album cover (as seen at the start of the video) features a shot that was one of the last ones we did outside in the wind.

Garry X


E.P Martin Buzacott
Makeup and Hair Garry Siutz
Photography Rhydian Lewis
wardrobe Alannah Hill



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