De Lorenzo’s SANDSTORM – my fave hair “finishing” product!

Achieve great volume and texture using De Lorenzo’s SANDSTORM hair product:

De Lorenzo’s SANDSTORM is like a dry shampoo without the powder! I love to use it on blow dried hair to achieve texture and volume without any heaviness, shine, waxy film or stickiness.

De Lorenzo's Sandstorm

I use it a couple of ways:
I spray it onto freshly blow dried hair almost like I would a light hairspray  – piecing out as I go
or sometimes I like to spray it onto each freshly blow dried section before I release the brush – this gives added hold as well as texture.
Just be sure not to overuse the product. Sometimes I experience a “static fly away” effect on the hair if I want to brush/comb through a section once it has sandstorm in it.
Happy styling! 🙂 GSS X




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