Cover shoot for Sara Macliver’s “Seraphim”

Sara Macliver has an amazing voice and a mass of Hair!!!

After a chat with her I came to learn that her hair is a bit of a trade mark – so I opted to go with hair out for the cover shoot and to really make it a feature. The dress that most inspired me looked like an indian Sari, and so I curled Sara’s hair section by section and parted it in the middle. I styled it to give it lots of width, to look almost goddess like.

At one stage I took one of Sara’s necklace pendants and pinned it into her hair, so that it ran down her part ,with the pendant resting onto her forehead where Indian woman often place a dot.

The makeup I applied was to enhance Sara’s  features – to bring out Sara’s eyes and enhance her bone structure…….




E.P Martin Buzacott
Makeup and Hair Garry Siutz
Photography Rhydian Lewis
wardrobe Sara’s own

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